Identification of Employee’s Behaviors that Triggers an Improvement of Motivation, Creativity, and Collaboration: A Case Study in the Luxury Industry

Catel Marine1, Segonds Frédéric2, Aoussat Améziane3, Lavarde Marc4, Caillens Pamela5, Mantelet Fabrice6, 1,5, Cartier Internnational, 10 cité du Retiro, 75008 Paris, France, 2,3,6 Laboratoire de Conception de Produits et Innovation (LCPI) – EA 3927 Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, HESAM Université, 151 Boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013, Paris, France, 4 Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (EBI), Cergy-Pontoise, France

Innovation Labs within companies have the dual objective of accelerating innovation projects and spreading a culture of innovation. The various tools and methods developed by the Labs, such as hackathons, challenges, and workshops, foster collaboration, and creativity among employees (O'Connor, 2018). Implementing participant follow-up systems is key to optimizing the success of the mission of these Labs (Osorio, 2019). This paper evaluates the long-term impact of collaborative workshops organized and facilitated by two Innovation Labs in the luxury sector. This study concerns the analysis of the responses of 172 participants, interviewed between 6 months and 3 years after their participation in a workshop. The analysis of the results allowed us to demonstrate that the collaborative workshops organized have durably modified how employees work. The main transformations are the increase of creativity, collaboration, and motivation. Some actions spontaneously implemented by the participants following the workshops favor these long-term transformations. We have structured these 10 actions in a transformative path composed of 3 chronological groups: peer to peer, learning by doing, and new automatisms. The perspective of this research is to support the innovation Labs to optimize the appropriation of new mindsets and work methods by optimizing learning and transformative experiences. Pages 1 to 23




The Influence of Constitutional Texts on the Conviction of the Criminal Judge

Asst.Prof. Dr. Khaled Kadhem Auda1, Asst. Lec. Mohammed Hasan Kadhim2, 1,2Presidency of University of Thi-Qar -Iraq

Criminal law is based on a number of important principles. These principles together constitute a safety valve for all individuals addressed to the provisions of the rules of this important law. This law is entrusted with the task of ensuring the protection of the rights of individuals. It also provides stability to their legal positions. Legislators gave this law a great deal of interest in the various constitutional systems as constitutions are the center of balance between both power and freedom. Therefore, they include a number of important principles and other rules that together constitute important guarantees for individuals against criminalization and punishment. They represent the aspect of constitutional legitimacy of the rules of criminal law Which, in turn, has the greatest effect on influencing the criminal judge because of the superiority of those rules over other legal rules in the state. Pages 24 to 38




Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills as Influential Factors of Mathematics Performance

Vanda Kay B. Bicar, Western Harnett High School, North Carolina, United States, Email: bicarvandakay@gmail.com

The primary goal was to develop a structural model on emotional intelligence, critical thinking and creativity towards mathematics performance. Emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creativity are important skills as we gear towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. The pandemic provided an opportunity for new teaching-learning modalities, which paved the way on how these skills predict performance. The study revealed that the level of Mathematics performance did not meet the expectations set by the K-12 curriculum despite displaying a high level of emotional intelligence. Their level of critical thinking was low, and creativity was very low. The study ascertained the existing positive correlations between critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity with mathematics performance using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Furthermore, flexibility, analysis, inference, explanation, and self-management were significant predictors of Mathematics performance using multiple regression. Finally, the model was evaluated using fit indices involving Chi-square over degree of freedom, Goodness of Fit Index, Tucker-Lewis Index, Comparative Fit Index, Normed Fit Index, and Root Mean Square Error of Approximation. A positive relationship between critical thinking and emotional intelligence was established. In conclusion, the study theorized that mathematics performance is significantly attributable to their skills in critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Pages 39 to 62



Analytical Study of the Double-sided Effect of Immersive Design in Digital Media Art

Shuang He1, Jan Theo De Vleeschauwer2, 1Ph.D Graduate, Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, 2Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Email:1laiyigetomato@gmail.com, 2jantheo6@gmail.com

This research falls under the umbrella of design art research, a comprehensive cross-section of design art combined with positive psychology, aesthetics, and communication disciplines. In the context of digital media art, examples of the application of immersive design as a creative approach are explored and analyzed. The research focuses on the problems of immersive design in digital media art in the context of the global boom in creating and applying immersive scenography in digital media art. The result of this research is an attempt to seek design paths that build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of immersive design as a design approach that can truly enhance the expressive power of digital media art by analyzing practical examples. Pages 63 to 79

Analysis of Urban Land Use Change in Kano Metropolis 1962-2007

Chuo Adamu Nsangu, Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii, UD40313 HRE48993

Studies carried out on urban land use changes in Kano had concentrated on the transformation of many of the farm land, wet lands, forest, open spaces and other rural lands into urban land use. The research investigations were how population growth, growth in transportation network and land use zoning had influenced land use changes in Kano metropolis. Detailed studies were made on spatial patterns, rates of change and trends, as well as planning implications with a view of forming sound policies to guide sustainable growth. The study revealed overwhelm land use changes where residential, commercial, industrial, public and semi-public land uses gained more urban space than required space standard in a multifunctional city while parks, playfield and open space as well as agriculture land uses concealed to other land uses. The regression model was used to identify the rate of changes for each land use category and systematic evaluation of relative contributions of each land use category in relation to population growth and growth in road infrastructural development were made. The study therefore reveals that population growth and growth in transportation are among other factors influencing land use growth and land use changes in Kano. Pages 80 to 113

Legal Basis for Formation of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions in the Indonesian Government System

Sodikin1, Tomi Subiakto2, 1,2Faculty of Law, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta Email: 1sodikin@umj.ac.id, 2tomisubiakto@gmail.com

Article 1 paragraph (3) of the 1945 Constitution stipulates that the Indonesian state is based on law. Consequences as a state based on law, the implementation of the duties and functions of the government must be based on law. In the 1945 Constitution, the President also has authority in administering government, so that in terms of forming non-ministerial government institutions, it is also the authority of the president. The problem is regarding the legal basis for the formation of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions which are regulated in various laws and regulations which lead to ambiguity in the regulations. The research method used is normative juridical (legal research) which is carried out by reviewing various laws and regulations and literature that are theoretical in nature and then connected to the subject matter. The results of the study explain that there is no law that specifically regulates Non-Ministerial Government Institutions, causing the subjectivity of the President in the formation of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions which are still very dominant as holders of government power. There is ambiguity in the law and institutional variations of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions in the Indonesian government system, especially at the leadership level of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions. There has been a transformation of several state institutions with the status of Non-Ministerial Government Institutions into Government Institutions, even though there is no legislation at the level of the law that provides attribution or delegation of authority to the President to establish state institutions with the status of Government Institutions. Pages 114 to 136

Pakistan’s Leading Stock Exchange and COVID-19 Nexus: Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis

Tahir Munir1, Rabia Al Mamlook2, Abdu R Rahman3, David Paul Suda4, Asma Faraz5, 1Department of Anaesthesiology, The Aga Khan University, Karachi 74800 Pakistan, 2Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, United States. Department of Aeronautical engineering Al Zawiya University, Al-Zawiya City, Libya, 3Institute for Global Health and Development, The Aga Khan University, Karachi 74800 Pakistan, 4Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Malta, Imsida 2080, Malta, 5Department of Anaesthesiology, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi 74800 Pakistan. Email: 1tahirmunir677@yahoo.com, 2Rabiaemhamedm.almamlook@wmich.edu, 3abdur.rahman@stat.qau.edu.pk, 4david.suda@um.edu.mt, 5asma.hasnain@aku.edu

The contagious pandemic COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted numerous economic and business activities worldwide. This study focuses on COVID-19's effects on KSE-100 index (Karachi stock exchange), which is a part of a developing country. From 2 March 2020 to 9 November 2021, COVID-19 confirmed, recovered and deaths cases were taken as covariates for the COVID-19. To explore the conditional distributional impact of COVID-19 on KSE-100, we employ robust quantile regression analysis with detailed asymmetric evidence. The results show that the confirmed and recovered cases have a significant positive impact on KSE-100 whereas expired cases having a significant negative influence. These findings contradict previous studies in the world, which claimed that COVID-19 had a negative impact on developed stock markets while aligning with a vast literature of Pakistan stock exchange. It seems that as the result of timely policy implemented by the government of Pakistan. For investors, these findings are robust, which leads to providing practical policy to combat such circumstances in the future. Pages 137 to 149

Musical Alteration on Fazil Say’s Piano Work Summertime Variations Op.20

Siti Nur Hajarul Aswad Shakeeb Arsalaan Bajunid1, Rizal Ezuan Zulkifly Tony2, 1,2Conservatory of Music, College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Corresponding author: 1hajarulbajunid@uitm.edu.my

This paper focuses on the embellishment approaches on Fazil Say’s Summertime Variations Op.20 piano solo work. The opportunity of embellishing musical material presented in a recital appears to suggest that alternative approaches are required. Performing music that incorporates "alteration" enhances the opportunity to rethink one's approach to learning and practice; a performer may need to find alternative strategies to perform and interpret Fazil Say's music effectively, particularly in the alteration of the notes and musical phrases. The creative process includes analysis of Fazil Say’s written score and recordings, and documentation of self-interpretation on musical alteration, performed during a recital, as a guideline for performers to integrate and arrange melodic, rhythmic, metric and structure. Epitomising within Fazil Say's selected piano work, this article also attempts to reproduce ideas of a performer's creative process that can contribute to a performance on works based on the philosophies of Julian Hellaby that provides conceptual recommendations that supports a performer to include alternative pianistic possibilities to the limit, if not beyond. Pages 150 to 159

Applying the Strength-Based Approach to Elders’ Care Service among Indigenous Tribes in Taiwan

Hui-Chuan Chiu1*, Chun-Yen Kuo2, Chin-Ying Lai3 1Geriatric Health Industry Program, Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Providence University, Taiwan, ROC, 2Dept. of Social Work & Child Welfare, Providence University, Taiwan, ROC, 3Ph.D. Program in Health and Social Welfare for Indigenous Peoples, Providence University, Taiwan, ROC *Email: hcchiu@gm.pu.edu.tw

In this study, the author demonstrates that the Strength-based Approach provides a sound basis for carrying out the ethos of culture care among the indigenous communities in Taiwan. Culture care has become the standard for the indigenous elderly health care in Taiwan in recent years. The care services are diversified so that through empowerment, the care givers and users work and learn together to build a space for the common good. In this paper, the author investigates how the three concepts in the Strengths-based Approach, that is, resilience, the social ecological, and the social cultural, are integrated into the culture care for indigenous peoples. The study shows how these three strengths-based concepts are in fact interrelated and embedded in the care service process so that they constitute the driving force that helps to provide appropriate culture care in the tribal community. Pages 160 to 180

Economic Impediments of SMEs: Evidence of Local Rice Entrepreneurship: In Western Part of Ghana

Albert Tchey Agbenyegah1 Ofosu-Appiah Samuel2, 1Durban University of Technology. Department of Applied Management Riverside Campus Pietermaritzburg, 2Center for Languages & Liberal Studies, Takoradi Technical University, P. O. Box 256, Takoradi, Email: 1alberta@dut.ac.za, 2samuel.ofosu-appiah@ttu.edu.gh

The study assesses the economic impediments of local rice entrepreneurship among SMEs in Western Region of Ghana. The study employed the exploratory research approach designed to gather qualitative data to be analyzed. From the unknown population, a sample of 15 local rice entrepreneurs were selected. Primary data was collected aided by interview guide which was designed and administered to local rice entrepreneurs in the Western Region of Ghana. Thematic approach was used to generate themes based on literature and participants’ quotes that were derived from interviews. The study reported that basically, local rice entrepreneurs face three impediments namely material or equipment issues, human factors, and political issues. The study suggested that, Government plan to establish one district one factory should be targeting local rice entrepreneurs so as to solve all the basic issues the local rice entrepreneur encounters. Pages 181 to 190

Research and Application of Virtual Digital Technology in Art Creation

Yangxiaoxiao Zhou1, Jan Theo De Vleeschauwer2, 1Ph.D Graduate, Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, 2Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

This study describes virtual digital art, its origins, technological context, artistic context, ideological context, artists, and works and their meanings. The main aim of this study is to reflect and analyse the description of the interrelationship between virtual digital technology and art through the ontological, typological, aesthetic and cultural characteristics of virtual art. Technology and art are the future trends, and Chinese artists have created works related to virtual digital art, which is new experimentation and exploration by artists. From their artworks, we can see that virtual art focuses on the social winter scape of body and media, space and presence, gender and identity, technology and art, democracy and power, and ethics and religion, and reveals interrelationships and overall connections in people (artists and audiences), objects (artworks), and events (art acts and art events). With the advent of the digital age, virtual art as an essential type of contemporary art form has attracted public attention and is multiplying. This paper attempts to explain and explore the connotation and significance of virtual art by sorting out its production and characteristics and analysing individual cases. Pages 191 to 210

The International Organisation and Diplomatic Efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr Wisam Fakhry Hazimeh, Faculty of Prince Hussein II bin Abdullah for International Relations, Jordan University, Amman, Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood’s history dates back to 1928, making it older than most nation states in the Middle East, and the oldest, most significant and influential movement of our time. The discussion of the political survival of the Muslim Brotherhood can be approached from many different angles including its structure, adaptability, and relationship with its respective regimes. However, it is the Brotherhood’s strategy in adapting to Western modernisation and its subsequent balance between modernity and Islam which makes it truly unique. This paper considers the Brotherhood’s maturity over time, its application of structural development to become an international movement, and the various diplomatic strategies it has practised in order to flourish. Using an historical methodology, this paper divides the development of the Brotherhood's structure into three stages in order to analyse how the Brotherhood adapted to current world politics, emerging from the shroud of victimhood within their own nation states as a legitimate tool of diplomacy and mediation. Through its international organisation and mediation efforts, the Brotherhood came to play a role in many political crises that occurred between 1980 and 2001 in the Arab world. This paper analyses the possibility of the Brotherhood’s relevance and need as a diplomatic force in future crises. Pages 211 to 235

Criminal Protection of Communications via Social Media

Lec. Maitham Mohammad Abd AL Nomani, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Babylon Technical Institute, Legal Management Technologies Dept., Iraq, Email: inb.mth@atu.edu.iq

Nowadays, society lives in a machine controlled by advanced technology, which has occupied all aspects of the lives of its members through various social media. Many companies have started working on the design of many applications that allow the user to communicate with others via the Internet through computers or mobile phones to accomplish daily work quite easily. Millions of people use social media applications for chatting and sending pictures and videos, such as Facebook, Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and others. However, some may resort to violating these rights in various ways, such as hacking to see the personal conversations of others or to steal studio files such as photos, videos, audios, etc. without the consent of the owners for various purposes, such as defamation, revenge, or blackmailing girls to pay money in order to avoid the scandal. Therefore, the topic of user privacy in social media is one of the most important topics worth being studied. To protect personal communications, a law criminalizing serious violations should be enacted because of its close connection with the issue of confidentiality of human life and dignity. Pages 236 to 249

The Upside and Downside of Private Label Brands in Selected Developing Countries: Marketing and Economic Implications

Albert Tchey Agbenyegah1, Maame Afua Nkrumah2, 1Durban University of Technology; Riverside Campus, Pietermaritzburg, Ocid ID: 0000-0003-3410-2809, 2Takoradi Technical University. International Programmes and external linkages office. Email: 1alberta@dut.ac.za, 2ipelo@ttu.edu.gh

Promoting private label brands in developing countries turn to become a major concern for the consuming public and the grocery retail sectors. This study is designed to scan existing literature with key focus on some developing countries. The study critically reviewed previous and most recent academic evidence for insights into private label brands and its impact on the global marketing climates with specific reference to developing countries. Upon completion, the study could provide enough information to assist marketing practitioners and the grocery retail shop-owners. In developing countries where private label brands were not adequately developed to fully compete with other manufacturing brands. However, across developing countries, consumers still patronize private label brands though the multitudes of brands that are described as inferior, poor quality and low price unlike national brands especially in times of economic hardships. To compete globally, retail outlets need to pursue drastic investment policy framework and craft that are relevant to global marketing strategies. Pages 250 to 267

The Influence of Environmental Conditions on Student Learning Achievement

Hambali1, Al-Bahra2, Partono3, 1Educational Sciences-Almuslim University Bireuen Aceh – Indonesia, 2Information Technology Education, Raharja University - Indonesia, 3Information Systems - University of Muhammadiyah Banten – Indonesia, e-mail: 1hambali_komes@yahoo.co.id, 2albahra@raharja.info, 3partonosiswosuharjo@stmikmbanten.ac.id

This study aims to determine the effect of the learning environment on student achievement in class XI SMA Negeri 2 Peusangan. This research approach is quantitative. This type of research is associative. The sample is 72 people. Data is collected through questionnaires and documentation. The results of the study found that the learning environment had no significant effect on student achievement in class XI SMA Negeri 2 Peusangan. Because students feel disturbed by air pollution in the form of dust flying from the highway so that it does not allow students to study in an open environment, besides that the noise of vehicles on the highway makes students unable to fully listen to the material delivered by the teacher. The better the arrangement and condition of the learning environment, the calmer and more comfortable the students will be in learning, thus the student achievement of SMA Negeri 2 Peusangan will also increase. And vice versa, that if the lower the student's environmental conditions, the lower the student's learning achievement in Biology subject. Pages 268 to 278

Adaptive Governance in the “Vuca” World of Covid -19 Pandemic – The Case of the Vietnamese Government

Giang Vinh Hoang, PhD. Giang Vinh Hoang, Lecturer of National Academy of Public Administration, Vietnam (NAPA).

The COVID-19 pandemic has been bringing unprecedented and enormous challenges to the economy and society of all countries worldwide. In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (VUCA) of the COVID -19 epidemic, countries often face changes and are forced to update their governance strategy to maintain and adapt to changes. Based on the analysis of research papers related to adaptive governance strategies in the VUCA context, specifically the context of COVID -19 pandemic, and the concept of adaptive governance to the COVID -19 epidemic, this article proposes implications from Vietnamese Government towards adaptive governance in response to crises in the VUCA world. Pages 279 to 289

Strategic Digital Leadership in the Private Sector for Digital Transformation Towards Enabling Sustainable Digital Economy in Thailand

Kriengkrai Bhuvanij1, Prasong Praneetpolgrang2 and Thana Sukvaree3, 1School of Information Technology, Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2Academic Faculty, Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Air Force Academy, 3School of Information Technology, Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand, Email: 1niketrojan@gmail.com, 2prasong_pr@rtaf.mi.th, 3thana.su@spu.ac.th

This research aims to find competencies required for strategic digital leadership (SDL) in the private sector for digital transformation (DT) towards enabling sustainable digital economy (SDE) development in Thailand and relationship among these three key components.  The research was conducted by applying both qualitative and quantitative approaches using structural equation modeling (SEM) methodology and analysis with 328 samples from representatives in the organizations in private sector.  From the study, it founds out that, in private sector, 1) SDL impacts on DT (Loading Factor (FL = 0.59), 2) DT impacts on SDE (FL = 0.70), 3) SDL has least impact on SDE (FL = 0.14), 4) Strategic leadership competency plays major roles in SDL (FL = 1.00) and 5) Ethics which is the newly proposed pillar in this research besides the current existing ones which are economy, society and environment also has impact to SDE (FL = 0.88) and 6) Operation process is the mostly important factor on DT (FL = 0.90).  The innovative study of this research could be very useful to private sector management level and government policy makers on building up the right key competencies related to the needs of private organizations for strategic digital leaders to digitally transform the organizations which could successfully bring the organizations’ sustainable digital economy at the end.  Most importantly, the leader could not alone and directly drive the organizations to achieve the sustainable digital economy, however, the systematic digital transformation implemented with the right strategic digital leadership competencies is certainly required. Pages 290 to 327

Analysis of the 2022 Revised Second Foreign Language Curriculum of Korea

Eun Young Jang, Division of Foreign Language Education, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Email address: j9902768@hufs.ac.kr

This study was conducted to examine the characteristics of the 2022 revised curriculum, with a particular focus on the second foreign language curriculum for middle and high schools. Unlike the 2015 revision, a variety of education stakeholders were involved in this revision process. While there were only minor changes to the human ideal and core competencies pursued, the content system underwent a significant restructuring. And the 2022 revised second foreign language curriculum was examined in five parts: characters and goals, content system, achievement standards, instruction and assessment guidelines, and basic vocabularies and communicative expressions, which were compared by language for detailed analysis. The 2022 revised curriculum differs from the existing curriculum revisions in multiple aspects, and it also has some limitations. In this study, two suggestions are made to address these limitations. First, it is important to develop courses that align with the characteristics and circumstances of each foreign language. Second, there is a need to create opportunities for students to access foreign languages from middle school to encourage them to take interest in various foreign languages, it is also important to provide an adequate number of teachers and class hours to promote interschool joint foreign language learning opportunities. Pages 328 to 346

Exploring the Connection Between YouTube Channel Content and Average View Duration in Higher Education Marketing

Deni Adha Akbari1, Rizki Edmi Edison2, 1Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (Uhamka), Jakarta, Indonesia. 2Neuroscience institute, Universitas Prima Indonesia, 2Public Policy Research Center, National Research and Innovation Agency Repubic of Indonesia. Corresponding Email: 1deni@uhamka.ac.id

DOI: 10.53333/IJICC2013/17133

This study explores the connection between YouTube channel content and average view duration (AVD) in higher education marketing by examining the top five videos from the UhamkaTV YouTube channel in 2022. A quantitative analysis of AVD data with qualitative content analysis of the selected videos is employed to investigate the relationship between content characteristics and AVD. The findings from this research aim to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on the effectiveness of YouTube as a marketing channel for higher education institutions. By identifying the specific content characteristics that lead to higher AVD, this study offers valuable insights for higher education institutions seeking to optimize their YouTube marketing strategies and maximize viewer engagement. Ultimately, this research has the potential to inform the development of more effective marketing approaches, leading to increased brand awareness, student engagement, and enrolment rates in higher education institutions. Pages 347 to 358

Implementation of the Numbered Heads Together Learning Model in Increasing the Economic Learning Outcomes of Students of Sma Negeri 1 Wera

Yayan Anggriani1, Wiedy Murtini2, Kristiani3, Students of Master Economic Education Study Program, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. Indonesia. 2,3Lecturer of Master of Economic Education Study Program, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia. Email: 1yayananggriani28@gmail.com,  2wiedymurtini@staff.uns.ac.id, 3kristieko95@yahoo.co.id   

This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of SMA Negeri 1 Wera students by implementing a Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Type Cooperative Learning Model. The method used in this study is experimental research. The population in this study was all students of Class XI SMA Negeri 1 Wera, while the sample in this study was Class XI IPS2 which was selected randomly using a probability sampling technique of cluster type random sampling. The results showed that student economic learning outcomes improved after the implementation of the Numbered Heads Tgether learning model with the average value of student learning outcomes increased by 43.86 points, with an average pretest value of 34.07 while the posttest is 77.93. Normality tests showed that pretest and posttest obtained sig. > 0.05 or normal distributed data and homogeneity test results both homogeneous or significant sig data. > 0.05 that there is a significant difference between students' pretest and posttest scores and the application of the Numbered Heads Together model. The results of the study using the Numbered heads Together learning model have been proven to improve student economic learning outcomes to have a positive impact on student economic learning outcomes. Pages 359 to 368

A Study on the Creation of Natural Form Language in Modern Ceramics from an Ecological Perspective

Zhouzhou Li1, Jan Theo De Vlees schauwer2, PhD Graduate, Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University1, Associate Professor , Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University,Thailand2.

Because of the complex value orientations of human beings and the real-life problems in the development of artificial nature, this article analyses the artistic cases of multiple value orientations in the process of artificial nature from an ecological perspective, explores the multiple expressions of the language of natural forms in the creation of contemporary pottery by sorting out the application of the language of natural forms in the creation of modern pottery, and uses this to carry out artistic practice and make positive suggestions for the development of modern pottery. Pages 369 to 393

A Proposed Program to Improve Oral Communication Among 10th Graders

Lina Waleed Khaled Haneyah, Email: linawaleed77@yahoo.com

The study aimed to build a proposed program based on the principles of civilizational dialogue and to measure its impact on developing oral communication skills among 10th graders in Arabic language in Jordan. The program was designed in terms of the principles of the global civilizational dialogue that was used to reformulate three units in Arabic language textbook for the 10th grade. The researcher designed the proposed program including the proposed lessons, teaching methods, evaluation methods and tools, and lesson planning. The researcher prepared situations that required conducting the dialogue among the female students, and a card for assessing oral communication skills in Arabic language. The proposed teaching program and the study tool were applied to a sample of (48) female 10th graders who were randomly selected from the Al-Omariya Secondary School for Girls of the University District Directorate. The study found that there is a significant impact of the proposed program based on the principles of civilizational dialogue and developed female 10th graders' oral communication skills in Arabic language. Pages 394 to 406

José Chávez Morado’s Plastic Monumentalism: Communitarian Integration in an Urban, Social, and Artistic Environment

Jose Osvaldo Chavez Rodriguez, Professor, Architecture Department, University of Guanajuato

This paper discusses the concept of Monumentalism, proposed by the Mexican artist José Chávez Morado, to expand the limits of Mexican Muralism, which is designated here as Plastic Monumentalism. This architectural-artistic movement involves an artistic dialogue on urban spatial reconfiguration, where all the parts are unified—in their respective social, aesthetic, and natural environments—to ensure the integral performance of the city, as well as creating an identity of its inhabitants. We explore the possibilities of the city's subjective existence as a collective construction made out like a work of art but, as Alfredo Siqueiros said, with a social intention in each of its expressive manifestations. Pages 407 to 416

Dystopia Animation: Created Visualization of Chiang Mai in the Future

Assistant Professor Dr. Korakot Jairak, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Email: korakottwo@gmail.com

This article concludes the main ideas from the research work entitled ‘The Creation of Animation Presents the Imagery of Chiang Mai in The Future World.’ The outcomes from this project included the discovery of the process of designing animation works to visualize the dystopian future of the city whereby photographs of important places of the current city can be used together with images from imaginations created by the computer with the ‘Collage’ technique that can show the separation, difference, and collapse or fall of a conventional urban. In addition, as for the projection of the animation, a new screen with curves and divided sub-screens was used to project motion pictures in two different styles simultaneously, which could be the creation of aestheticism from the viewing in unique styles. The creativity of the screens created in this project has been successful as a tool to promote the occurrence of an open-ended process for creating and viewing animation works designed with a computer. Pages 417 to 440

Role of Saudi  School Leaders to Achieve the  Visual Management

Amal A Hantool1, Eman I Ahmed2, 1Master of Art in Educational Admin and Leadership, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.  Associate professor, College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt. Email: amal.hantool@hotmail.com

The purpose of this research was to identify the role of school leaders to achieve the requirements of visual management in Dammam and Khobar Governorates from male and female teachers’ perspectives. To achieve the goals of the research, a descriptive-analytical approach was conducted. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The research sample included 378, (male =179) and (female =199) teachers who were chosen randomly.  The participants teach at the public and private schools (primary, preparatory, and secondary). The results showed an average degree of approval among the members of the research sample on the role of school leaders to achieve the requirements of visual management at Dammam and Khobar schools. Results showed statistically significant differences at the significance level (a≤ 0.05) in the participants' responses on the role of school leaders to achieve the requirements of visual management attributed to gender variable, in favour male teachers. There are no statistically significant differences at the significance level (a≤ 0.05) between the participants' responses on the role of school leaders to achieve the requirements of visual management attributed to the years of service, and the training in the field of visual management. Pages 441 to 457

An Integrated Predictive Model for Analysis and Flood Disaster Warning Using Artificial Neural Networks

Tepridht Phratepa, Surachai Thongkhaewb and Prasong Praneetpolgrangc, a,bSchool of Information Technology, Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand, cAcademic Faculty, Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Air Force Academy, Thailand.  *E-mail: ahara.german@gmail.com, b Surachai.th@spu.ac.th, c prasong_pr@rtaf.mi.th

The purpose of this research is to develop a predictive model for analyzing and warning of disaster from natural hazards using artificial neural networks. This study consists of 6 steps: 1) problem definition, 2) data collection and data cleansing. In this research, the researcher used rainfall data in Thailand from 1901 to 2018, 3) splitting data into two parts, 80% for training and 20% for testing, 4) defining a multiclass neural network model, 5) training the model, and 6) evaluating the performance of the model using cross-validation test. This research demonstrates a development approach of a predictive model for analyzing and flood disaster warning from natural hazards using artificial neural networks, with high accuracy of 95.833%. It can be further developed to create a platform for connecting and using in disaster warning systems in the future. Pages 458 to 479

Analysis and Study of the Expression of Loneliness in the Works of Modern and Contemporary Artists

Wenfang HouJan Theo De Vleeschauwer, Ph.D Graduate, Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University,  Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

This thesis falls within the scope of fine art studies, a comprehensive cross-sectional study combining fine art with social psychology, aesthetics and art studies.  Emotional expression is the most common way of interpreting emotions and the abstract medium of artistic language expression in artistic expression forms, especially after art history entered the period of Impressionism, Modernism to Contemporaryism, artists put more emphasis on self-expression, and solitude is an essential emotional embodiment in self-awareness, which is favoured by artists, who invariably inject solitude into their artworks, in order to face it directly and deal with it. This essay explores the emotion of loneliness in contemporary art based on the embodiment of the emotion of loneliness in modern and contemporary paintings as the main line of research, taking the source of the emotion of loneliness and the expression of the artist's emotion as the subject of research and discussion. By discussing different art genres such as easel painting, abstract painting and large-scale installation art, and by combining the author's dynamic analysis and interpretation of his works, the article further discusses the expression of loneliness in his works in an attempt to present a more comprehensive picture of the way loneliness is expressed in artistic creation. Pages 480 to 497

Creation Process and Visual Aesthetics at Jesus and Mary Images in Balinese Wayang Characters

Andreas James Darmawan1*, I Wayan Mudra2, I Ketut Suteja3, 1,2,3Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar, 80235, Denpasar, *Corresponding author’s email: james.dar@gmail.com

Visual aesthetics of Balinese wayang has artistic and cultural values that are thick with traditional values and the richness of Indonesian culture. On the other hand, Christian images of Jesus and Mary still use a lot of Western visual aesthetics, this circumstance distances Christians from recognizing the localized visual aesthetics of Balinese wayang. Research purpose is to explain creation process and visual aesthetics in Jesus and Mary images with Balinese wayang characters. Research method is descriptive qualitative, the theory for the process of creation uses semiotic theory from Umberto Eco, and the theory for visual aesthetics uses the theory of aesthetics from Bishop Robert Barron. Research results: (1) creation process produces: Recognition of visual styles, Ostensions of character, Stylization of attribute ornaments, and Invention of image correlations; (2) visual aesthetics produces: Bhawa namely facial expressions, Arsa namely proportions and gestures, and laksa namely ornaments and attributes. Research main findings: (1) image results of creation process journey; (2) description studies of visual aesthetics elaboration. Research implications: (1) images results of creation process are used as Bible teaching media; (2) description studies of visual aesthetics are used as localized Christian visual aesthetics at Jesus and Mary images in Balinese wayang characters. Pages 498 to 511

Lived Experiences of Health Optimizing Physical Education (HOPE) Teachers

Charis B. Limbo-Rivera, Institute of Human Kinetics, College of Education, Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines Email: charis.limbo@vsu.edu.ph

Physical Education teachers' experiences as change agents in every new curriculum model are a foremost concern. Thus, this research aimed to determine the lived experiences of teachers implementing the new HOPE curriculum model. This qualitative study used a phenomenological design that concentrated on the experiences of public, private, and state university senior high schools’ HOPE teachers. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions which were analyzed by coding, finding themes, producing textual and structural descriptions, and determining the essence of the experience for participants (Moustakas, 1994). The results revealed the following themes: teachers’ qualifications, challenges encountered, and learning experiences. Results further affirmed that HOPE teachers' academic and professional qualifications, training, and teaching experiences affect their implementation of the HOPE curriculum model. Despite the challenges that HOPE teachers encounter, they continually deepen their understanding of the HOPE curriculum model through a wide range of strategies in teaching and collaborative relationships. The results indicated that HOPE teachers' professional development, academic qualifications, training, and experiences are crucial to enhancing Education and meeting the challenges in a constantly evolving environment. Therefore, the Department of Education should consider developing more effective and efficient programs to assist these teachers with their implementation concerns. Pages 512 to 528
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