Burnout, Leadership, and Turnover Intention among Generation Z in Mining Industry

Agustina Wulandari1, Aprilia Listiarini2, Grace Maria Palit3, Abdul Rohman4, 1,2,3,4Management Department, BINUS Business School Master Program, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta Indonesia, 11480 1agustina.wulandari@binus.ac.id,  2aprilia.listiarini@binus.ac.id,  3grace.palit@binus.ac.id,  4abdul.rohman@binus.ac.id

Employee turnover in Gen Y affects the effectiveness of an organization, especially for the mining industry. As a form of anticipation of the next generation (Gen Z) then the company needs to identify the tendency for Turnover Intention and factors that influence it. This study aims to analyze the effect of Transformational Leadership, Burnout, and the mediating role of Job Satisfaction variables. This study used Structural Equation Modeling PLS and the samples are mining industry’s employees at Papua on the staff level with respondent criteria born between 1995 to 2012. The results showed that Burnout significantly affects Job Satisfaction but does not affect Turnover Intention. Then, Transformational Leadership has a significant impact on Job Satisfaction but has no significant impact on Turnover Intention. And, Job Satisfaction significantly affects Turnover Intention. In this study, Job Satisfaction mediates Burnout through Turnover Intention and also mediates Transformational Leadership through Turnover Intention. Pages 1 to 26



Development of Android Application-Based Learning Media for Mathematics at Elementary School

Al-Bahra1, M. Adila Rossa2, Partono3, Po Abas Sunarya4,  1Information Technology Education, University of Raharja Tangerang-Indonesia, 2Management, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta – Indonesia, 3Information Systems - University of Muhammadiyah Banten – Indonesia, 4Retail Management, University of Raharja Tangerang-Indonesia, 1albahra@raharja.info, 2moch.adila.rossa@gmail.com,  3partonosiswosuharjo@stmikmbanten.ac.id, 4abas@raharja.info 

This study aims to produce a feasible and practical Android-based learning application for students. Development research is a type of research whose ultimate goal is to create something through a development process whose feasibility is examined through research. This research is a type of research R & D (Research and Development). The model used in this development research is the ASSURE model which consists of six steps, namely: 1) analyze the learner. 2) state standards and objectives. 3) select strategies, technology, media, and materials. 4) utilize technology, media and materials. 5) require learner participation. 6) evaluate and revise. Data analysis technique is an important step in research, because the data analysis is used to answer existing problems. The data generated from this study are in the form of quantitative and qualitative data. In the feasibility assessment, the total value of each aspect that is assessed as a whole will be interpreted into the product feasibility category. The results of the validation of instructional media are: (1) Material experts rate it well with a percentage of (100%). (2) Media experts rated it well with a percentage of (100%). (3) The learning design experts rated it well with a percentage of (100%). Based on these results, the learning media that has been developed is suitable for use in the mathematics learning process in elementary schools. Pages 27 to 39

The Vuca of Strategic Environment in the Defense Planning of Indonesian Marine Corps

Arip Supriyadi1, Moeljadi2, Adi Kusumaningrum³, Susilo⁴, 1,2,3,4 Doctoral Program Of Law Of Resilience Study, Post Graduate Program Of Brawijaya University, Email : aripsupriyadi@student.ub.ac.id1, moeljadip@ub.ac.id2, adi_ningrum@ub.ac.id3,, Susilo.feb@ub.ac.id4

The onjective of this research is to analyze the VUCA of strategic environment in Indonesian Marine Corps defense planning. Among the global political policy developments, the region of Indo-Pacific becomes the zone with a great deal of interests so it raises VUCA situations. This research utilizes a phenomenologic qualitative approach which tries to analyze social issues related to VUCA environment and the defense planning of Indonesian Marine Corps. The result shows that VUCA strategic environment in the defense planning of Indonesian Marine Corps turns out to be a situation which changes fast and complex, so it forces military as the component of defense to be able to identify and understand the potential of threats and the risks they create. This research concludes that military planners must be able to identify the reasons why VUCA situation exists in order to respond each development of strategic environment in Indnesia’s maritime defense area. The causes of VUCA strategic environment are the limitation of cognition, resources, International Systems, Strategic Interaction, Intelligence and Deception, and Technology. Pages 40 to 52

An Empirical Analysis of Technology-Induced Image Fading in Digital Prints among Photography Students   

Ebenezer Kofi Enninful1, Abraham Boakye-Amponsah2, Patience Vanderpuye3, 1,2,3Department of Graphic Design Technology, Takoradi Technical University, Email:1ebenezer.enninful@ttu.edu.gh,2boakyeamponsahabraham@yahoo.com, 3patience.vanderpuye@ttu.edu.gh

For months, the digital print images submitted by students for assessment and presentation have been exhibiting faded evidence, resulting in the loss of their intended aesthetic appeal. The research study aimed to analyse technology-induced image fading in digital prints among the Department of Graphic Design photography students at TTU. The study employed qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather data. Through focus group discussions, observations, and semi-structured interviews, 41 participants were contacted, including photography students, ink and paper dealers, and printers. Through empirical analysis, the study found that paper and ink are the most significant factors contributing to technology-induced image fading in digital prints. The evidence-based digital print images among photography students was done through expert evaluation of selected students' works by researchers who are experts in digital photography. It emerged that paper and ink contributed to the deterioration of image fading. Results from a survey administered to sampled photography students showed a knowledge gap regarding the knowledge level of the impact of technology-induced image fading. Some approaches have been suggested to address the knowledge gap identified in the study. Among other approaches, the study's findings underscore the importance of using high-quality paper and ink to print digital photographs to ensure the longevity of prints. The study provides valuable insights for lecturers to adopt for photography students on best practices for digital print quality and longevity. Pages 53 to 81

The Impact of Using Balance Scorecard (BSC) on Measuring Earning in Shareholding Industrial Companies in Jordan

Omar M. Alhawtmeh, Associate Professor, The University of Jordan, Jordan, E-mail: a.alhawtmeh@ju.edu.jo

This Study aimed to determine The Impact of Using Balance Scorecard (BSC) on Measuring Earning in Shareholding Industrial companies in Jordan, (with its different perspectives) The BSC management system that helps to choose the best measurement procedure to reach goals. The study was designed questionnaire to achieve the study objective, the questionnaire was distributed to (48) companies with (96) managers, has recovered from (84) with an adoption rate of (87.5%) for the statistical analysis purposes, the result show that there is indirectly impact of using BSC on measuring earning and revealed that the financial perspective got higher Average, and perhaps this result is normal for assessment measures financial performance measures that affect earning are rooted, in addition to that, the use of the other three perspective measures is a recent development relatively. Pages 82 to 96

Exploring the Influence, Trends, and Future of Virtual Interaction Design in the Metaverse

Liu Gangling1, Rusmadiah Bin Anwar2, Verly Veto Vermol3, 1Doctoral Student, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia; Associate Professor, Guilin University of Aerospace Technology (GUAT), Guilin, Guangxi, China. 2National Design Centre, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia, 3College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia

This paper aims to explore the relationship between the metaverse and virtual interaction design, and identify future directions and challenges in this field, with an emphasis on the transition from traditional desktop interaction paradigms to three-dimensional virtual interaction paradigms within the metaverse. We employ a systematic literature review and application case analysis to gather and analyze relevant data. Our findings elucidate the technical and societal characteristics of the metaverse, revealing its influence on digital lifestyles and its potential to transform virtual interaction design. Furthermore, we examine the interplay between the metaverse, extended reality, and virtual interaction design. Based on our analysis, we propose six potential trends for virtual interaction design in the metaverse and discuss seven key issues and challenges in the field, providing valuable insights and guidance for the design of virtual interactions in the metaverse. Pages 97 to 116

Factors Affecting Company Value: Study Meta Analysis

Angelina Pavita1, Eddy Winarso2*, Suheriyatmono3, Carmel Meiden4, Siti Kustinah5, 1Student of Accounting Study Program, Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie, Indonesia, 2Lecture of Accounting Study Program, Jenderal Achmad Yani University – UNJANI, Indonesia, 3Lecture of Accounting Study Program, Institut Maritim Prasetiya Mandiri, Indonesi, 4Lecture of Accounting Study Program, Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie, Indonesia, 5Lecture of Accounting Study Program, Jenderal Achmad Yani University – UNJANI, Indonesia, Email: 2*eddy.winarso@lecture.unjani.ac.id, 3suheri.yatmono@prasetiyamandiri.co.id, 4carmel.meiden@kwikkiangie.ac.id, 5siti.kustinah@lecture.unjani.ac.id

The topic of research on the effect of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, profitability, liquidity, leverage, and firm size on firm value has been widely carried out and until now these topics still exist. Existing research provides both consistent and inconsistent results with different levels of significance. This study aims to integrate research results in the form of journals registered in the Science and Technology Index related to the topic of the effect of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, profitability, liquidity, leverage, and company size on company value in Indonesia for the 2011-2022 period. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling technique, with a total sample of 44 articles. To integrate the results of journal research and draw conclusions regarding the effect of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, profitability, liquidity, leverage, and company size on firm value, researchers used meta-analysis techniques to conduct tests. The results of the meta-analysis study show that the variables of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, profitability, liquidity, leverage, and firm size have an effect on firm value. Pages 117 to 130

Determining the Cost of Goods Manufactured for Setting Selling Price

Agung Fajar Ilmiyono1, Tilah Salsa Iga Puvti2, Ahmad Burhanuddin Taufiq3, Ellyn Octavianty4, 1,2,3,Pakuan University, Email: agung.fajar@unpak.ac.id1tilahsalsaigapuvti@gmail.com2, abtaufiq833671@gmail.com3, ellynoctavianty@unpak.ac.id4

Many MSMEs sell the same product only follow the market price, without calculation of the cost of production correctly. Even though the elements of production costs need to be calculated accurately to describe all economic sacrifices. The Purpose of this study is to find out the difference between the calculation of the cost of goods manufactured and the determination of the selling price which is stated by Subur cracker factory with the one which is the result based on determination of the cost of goods manufactured by using full costing and variable costing method as the basis for setting selling price. A descriptive analysis method is used for this research.  The result of this study indicate that there is a difference between the factory of cost of good manufactured and selling price with a theory by using full costing and variable costing method in determining the selling price using the cost-plus pricing method. It caused by the differences in allocation of production costs which is not all the element of cost production are classified and calculated, also caused by determination of mark up. Pages 131 to 148

Research on Sustainable Development of Home Ritual Space Furniture in the Ancestral Home of Malaysian Overseas Chinese Based on Sentimental Value

Li JiangLi1, Rusmadiah Anwar2, Natrina Mariane P. Toyong3, 1,2,3 Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 40450, Shah Alam, Malaysia, PhD Graduate1, Dean (Academic & International)College of Creative Arts,Professor2, Head of Design Study3,Email: 12022176461@student.uitm.edu.my, 2 rusma935@uitm.edu.my, 3natrinatoy@uitm.edu.my.

This study focuses on a fundamental analysis of the layout and carving patterns of the furniture of the family ritual space in the Wang Family Courtyard, the ancestral home of Malaysian overseas Chinese in Hainan. It proposes the value of humanistic care for overseas Chinese family ritual space furniture based on the etiquette culture embedded in Chinese ritual space furniture. The research method used in this study is based on a qualitative approach, including field visits and case study to the Wang Family Courtyard,including interviews with relevant experts and scholars. The primary purpose of this study is to highlight the significance of the preservation of the material heritage of ritual furniture and the excavation of the "family etiquette" sentimental value for the living heritage and commercial development of overseas Chinese ancestral homes through the analysis and study of the family ritual space furniture of the Wang Family Courtyard. Pages 149 to 165

The Blue Man as a Racial Amalgamation of the American: Jeans Toomer’s Perception of Racism and National Identity in “Blue Meridian”

Rana Jaber Obaid, Asst. Lecturer, The General Directorate of Education at Al- Qadisiayah Province, Email: Rana.jabir11@yahoo.com

Identity crisis has remained the main concern for African-American poets in all the poetic genres. It conveys the physical and mental bondage associated with their political, social, and economic environment. African American poetry focuses on the way such an environment comes to impede their spiritual as well as physical freedom. African-American poets seek an identity that gives meaning to their existence. This research examines identity and sheds light on African-American poetry.  “The Blue Meridian” is a perfect demarcation of the African-Americans hurtful experience with the oppression that aroused their identity crisis. The blacks have been dominated and marginalized by the white culture. Many African American poets, like Jeans Toomer, deals with the issue of identity; either to submit for the prevailing culture or to hold their color and their past as the descendants of the earlier slaves. In his writing,  Toomer has involved in the theme of identity that came to the surface due to racial discrimination and racism. In “Blue Meridian,” Toomer depicts the social realities of the blacks encountered within a world dominated by white values and ideologies in which they are marginalized. Pages 166 to 174

Current State of Packaging Design in the National Design Trends

Li Shaochen1, Rusmadiah Bin Anwar2, Verly Veto Vermol3, Li Qingqing4 5, 1Doctoral Student, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia. 2Professor, National Design Centre, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia. 3Doctor, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia. 4Doctoral Student, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia. 5Associate Professor, Guilin University of Aerospace Technology, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

National design trends increasingly favor traditional Chinese culture, with many brands combining it with packaging design to revive their products. However, there are still many problems with using elements on the packaging. This paper attempts to provide a systematic literature review of national design trends, packaging design, and traditional cultural elements. Based on Creswell's five-step way of writing reviews, Identify the relationship and research gaps among the three. These studies show that they are in an interactive relationship. With national design trends empowering packaging design, packaging design being the communication medium for national design trends, and traditional cultural elements being the transformative expression of both. And explore the natural links between dim sum packaging and national design trends. previous studies, the results of which are numerous and fragmented. This paper combed out a more comprehensive research status to help follow up on the gaps and potential opportunities in packaging design in the context of national design trends and to further clarify the focus and direction of future research. Pages 175 to 194

Prospector Owner-Manager and Innovation Performance of manufacturing SMEs: moderation role of technology turbulence

Abdeslam Hassani1,1Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and Institut de Recherche sur les PME à Trois-Rivières. Corresponding Author Email: Abdeslam.Hassani@uqtr.ca

The succes of small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) depends on innovation performance wich helps them to remain competitive. To be innovative in a technology turbulence context, SMEs have to adopt prospective strategy posture to create opportunities and transform them in innovative projects. Although several studies highlight the link between the entrepreneur profiles and innovation, there are a few studies that investigate the relationship between prospector owner-manager and innovation performance in a Canadian technology turbulence context. This study is concerned with conceptual model development, which examines the prospector owner-manager influence on the innovation performance of SMEs in Quebec. A total of 533 questionnaires were distributed to SMEs and 140 final questionnaires were usable. Using the structural equation modelling approach, the findings reveal that prospector owner-manager significantly influences innovation performance of SMEs in Quebec. Interestingly, the results had shown that the technological turbulence moderate the relationship between prospector owner-manager and innovation performance. It’s also highlight that the young owner-manager of SMEs manufacturing is more innovative in technology turbulence context. Based on the results, it can be summarised that to innovate and be competitive, the managers of SMEs need to adopt a prospective and proactive strategy and give more attention to gather and analyse the technological information. Pages 195 to 211

Contractual Imbalance in Mobile Service Contracts during the Contract Execution, A Comparative Study

Mahmoud Fayyad1, Abdel Raouf Al-Sinnawi2, Rannen Al-Nazir3, 1Associate Professor, College of Law, University of Sharjah. Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4525-7876, 2Associate Professor, College of Law, Al-Quds University, 3Legal advisor, Palestinian Land Authority. Email: 1Mfayyad@sharjah.ac.ae, 2asinnawi@staff.alquds.edu, 3raneen98@hotmail.com

This research identified the indicators of contractual imbalance in mobile phone service contracts during the contract execution phase in Palestine compared to some Arab States and Western standards. Literature was reviewed to establish the key dimensions that affect this imbalance and identify how to rebalance these relations. A theoretical framework was developed and identified. Standard contracts issued by mobile phone companies in Palestine were investigated to examine the compatibility of these contracts with international best practices. The study showed that mobile phone companies arbitrarily abuse their legal status and draw up standard contracts that vest them with the right to amend contractual terms by unilateral will. Without granting subscribers the same right, companies unilaterally terminate the contract if subscribers breach any of their contractual obligations. Companies impose financial obligations on subscribers if they violate contractual obligations without compliance with legally prescribed checks and balances. The study demonstrated that these practices breach many relevant legislative provisions. The research findings and a literature review resulted in many recommendations that might serve as a clear guide for governmental representatives and decision-makers in the communication sector to ensure the contractual relationship's fairness during the contract execution phase. Pages 212 to 247

Towards Granting of Legal Personality to Autonomous Robots in the UAE

Shuq Hussein1, Mahmoud Fayyad2, 1Assistant Prof, College of Law, University of Dubai, UAE, 2Associate Prof. College of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE, Email: *1sshweki@ud.ac.ae, 2 mfayyad@sharjah.ac.ae

DOI: 10.53333/IJICC2013/17161

The Dubai Digital Government launched its recent guidelines, which call for artificial intelligence systems to be subject to legal accountability. This study discusses the extent to which autonomous robots can be granted legal personality in UAE law and the consistency of this approach with the provisions of Islamic jurisprudence. This research paper answered two main questions: First, the extent to which these guidelines are considered the beginning of work on granting legal personality to AI systems in the UAE. Second, what form of legal personality can be given to autonomous robots in UAE law to be consistent with the provisions of Islamic jurisprudence as a primary source of legislation in the country? The research concluded the impossibility of considering autonomous robots as a "thing" and classifying them within the concept of "persons." It also concluded that it is possible to give them legal personality according to two legislative solutions: granting them partial or incomplete performance eligibility like minors. Pages 248 to 272

Research Status and Design Strategies of Culture-Based Porcelain Design

Li Qingqing1,2, Rusmadiah Bin Anwar3, Verly Veto Vermol4, Li Shaochen5, 1Doctoral Student, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia. 2Associate Professor, Guilin University of Aerospace Technology(GUAT), Guilin, Guangxi, China. 3Associate Professor, National Design Centre, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia. 4Doctor, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia. 5Doctoral Student, College of Creative Art, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia.

Culture-based design is a creative activity with a deep national, historical and contemporary imprint. Today's world is an age of integration and open diversification, where new design and cultural concepts are constantly updated, but the national characteristics of design are gradually weakened. However, there is a lack of reviews on culture-based ceramic design from different perspectives. To this end, the author aims to analyze and review the relevant literature published in quality journals included by SCI-Expanded, SSCI, A&HCI, by searching from WOS database. The author reviews research on the principles, methods, values and processes of heritage and innovation in porcelains in order to achieve two main objectives. On the one hand, current literature on culture-based porcelain design is presented and analyzed so that researchers can draw on and optimize these theories and apply them to areas of interest in design. On the other hand, the author explores the literature on culture-based porcelain design in order to provide the direction for the better transmission and innovation of porcelains originating from different dynasties as well as types of porcelains. Accordingly, the author reports on the progress of research on culture-based ceramic design and provides a strategy for design and research by researchers. Pages 273 to 295

A Study on Design Concepts of Yixing Zisha Teapot Based on the Theory of Semiotics

He Yinuo1 2, Rusmadiah Bin Anwar1, Nor Nazida Binti Awang3 4, Pan Shimin1,2, 1National Design Centre, College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi Mara, 40450, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia 2Wuxi Vocational Institute of Arts & Technology,214206,Yixing,Jiangsu,China 3College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak Branch, 32610, Seri Iskandar Campus Perak, Malaysia 4GreenSafe(GreSAFE),Faculty of Architecture, Planning,& Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak Branch, 32610, Seri Iskandar Campus Perak, Malaysia

Semiotics has been studied in the field of art design. The Yixing Zisha teapot is a traditional Chinese design product originating from Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China. Its manufacturing techniques have been listed as China's intangible cultural heritage. The paradigm for producing Yixing Zisha teapots has been established since the late Ming Dynasty. The technique has been passed down from masters to apprentices through oral instruction and demonstration, and there are no written records of the design methods and principles. This study is based on qualitative research methods, through the analysis of relevant literature and the observation of the shape of the classic Zisha teapots recognized by the Chinese government, selecting samples from different shapes of Zisha teapots, and analyzing the evolution of the times, design concepts can be discovered within the Yixing Zisha teapot design system. Based on Morris's semiotics theory, this study analyzes the concepts of Yixing Zisha teapot design from the perspectives of Syntactics, Semantics, and Pragmatics, to find out the elements, principles, and methods in the design of Yixing Zisha teapots. Pages 296 to 311

Methodology of Arent Jan Wensinck Towards Prophetic Tradition: An Analysis

Ahmad Yunus Mohd Noor1*, Asmilyia Mohd Mokhtar2, Dahlila Putri Dahnil3, 1 Senior Lecturer at Research Centre for Theology and Philosophy, Faculty of Islamic Studies, and Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Islam Hadhari, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600, BANGI, Selangor, Malaysia, 2Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Major Languages Study, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800, NILAI, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, 3Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600, BANGI, Selangor, Malaysia, email: 1a_yunus@ukm.edu.my*(Corresponding author) 2asmilyia24@gmail.com, 3dahlila@ukm.edu.my  

Arent Jan Wensinck is considered one of the prominent Western scholars in the contemporary Orientalist world. He has produced numerous intellectual sources comprehensively. This paper aims to analyze A.J. Wensinck’s views on dealing with prophetic tradition. This was investigated from his thoughtful and broad understanding of its principle and underlying purpose. The essential understanding of the principle of prophetic tradition was analytically discussed in his magnum opus such as; Mohammed and the Jews in Medina, A Handbook of Muhammadan, The Muslim Creed Its Genesis and Historical Development and Al-Mu’jam al-Mufahras li Alfaz Al-Hadis An-Nabawi. The finding shows that A.J. Wensinck’s discussion on prophetic tradition emphasized on relevance to contemporary practice and the modern context of Islam. It set forth an important framework and methodology for the compilation of prophetic tradition, which is the method used in the arrangement of the word based on the alphabet in the sound contained in the hadith narration, whether based on nouns or verbs. That’s the great contribution of A.J. Wensinck towards the Islamic world and is considered the main reference for researchers in the Science of Hadith. However, to some extent, his methodology has been criticized by several prominent Muslim scholars due to the contradiction between his methodology and Islamic principal methodology. Pages 312 to 326

An Effect Mechanism Model of Communication Openness on the Transformation Force Field

Bo Dong1 *, 1Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila, Philippines * Corresponding author: Bo Dong (Email: bester_david@163.com)

This study aims to explore the impact of communication openness on the transformation force field, specifically focusing on the mediating role of organizational commitment. A well-structured and comprehensive model is developed and tested using empirical data from a benchmark enterprise in China. The results highlight the significant reduction in resistance to transformation and the enhancement of organizational commitment due to communication openness. Additionally, it is found that organizational commitment plays a crucial role in minimizing resistance to transformation. These findings contribute to a deeper understanding of the relationship between communication openness, organizational commitment, and organizational transformation. Moreover, they offer practical implications for managers seeking effective implementation of change. Pages 327 to 343

Movable Furniture made of Water Hyacinth as Commercial Prototype

Nirat Soodsang, Faculty of Architecture Art and Design, Naresuan University, Thailand. Email: nirats@nu.ac.th

The purpose of this research was to study the quality and production process of using water hyacinth to design movable furniture as commercial prototype. The methodology involved 3 parts namely: Part 1 Background of the work creation and its inspiration; Part 2 Analysis of the creation of work in the materials and furniture production process; and Part 3 Knowledge acquired from the creation of work and conclusions. The results showed that the optimum quality for preparing water hyacinths to make furniture was to moist sun-dried water hyacinths with water to become wet enough to tear into strips and dry in sunlight before weaving into patterns. Braiding in small or large sizes depended on the size of water hyacinth strips. The structure of chair was made with wood or rattan according to the predetermined designs. Water hyacinth braids were woven to wrap the chair structure, with the surface being finished with color paints or spray and left dry completely, and after that beautified with lacquer again.  For the designs, there were 5 prototypes of commercial furniture that matched the market need which included 3 designs of easy chairs, 1 design of rocking chair, and a set of coffee table for coffee shop with 1 table and 5 stools. Pages 344 to 354

Perceptions of Infographics in Mandarin Learning: Student Views and Acceptance

 Yang Lian Tay¹, Zu Ying Lim², Chun Keat Yeap³, Jing Ru Chin4, Sheema Liza Idris5, Zarlina Mohd Zamari6, 1Academy of Language Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak Branch, Seri Iskandar Campus, Seri Iskandar, 32610 Perak, Malaysia. 2Centre for the Advancement of Language Competence, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, 3Academy of Language Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malacca Branch, Alor Gajah Campus, Alor Gajah, 78000 Melaka, Malaysia. 4Student Development and Campus Lifestyle Section, Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, 32200 Perak, Malaysia. 5&6 Academy of Language Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak Branch, Seri Iskandar Campus, Seri Iskandar, 32610 Perak, Malaysia  *Corresponding author’s email: 1tayya186@uitm.edu.my, 2limzu@upm.edu.my, 3chunkeat@uitm.edu.my, 4jrchin@unikl.edu.my, 5sheema@uitm.edu.my 6zarli000@uitm.edu.my,

This study investigates the use of infographics as a supplementary tool for Mandarin language learning among university students. The study aims to explore how infographics influence the instructional design process and assess students' views and acceptance of this approach. A questionnaire was distributed to 70 students, and the findings indicate a moderate level of challenges in learning Mandarin. However, the students highly appreciated the effectiveness of infographics in enhancing their understanding of vocabulary and sentence construction. The research contributes valuable insights to Mandarin language teaching practices and highlights the potential benefits of infographics as an engaging and effective learning aid. Pages 355 to 370

How Shall I Impart the Gods’ Decree? Musical Rhetoric in Dido and Aeneas

Edna Holywell, University of London

In c. 1689 Dido and Aeneas was performed at Josias Priest’s Chelsea school for young gentlewomen possibly as a revival. By 1930 an arrangement for brass band of ‘When I am laid in Earth’ (Dido’s lament) had become part of the U.K. annual Remembrance Sunday service a tradition which continues today. This article explores why this relatively succinct piece of music still has so much significance. It argues that a large part of the opera’s appeal arises out of discrepancies between Tate’s implied affects and those suggested by Purcell’s musico-rhetorical settings considering not only instances when the music supports or conforms to Dido’s poetic text but also occasions when Purcell’s music contradicts Tate’s text — topoi underlying the poetic narrative vs musical portrayal. Since mechanisms of affective musical topoi representation have changed over time the article interprets source alterations as rhizomatic framings ascertaining that source variation reflects contemporary understandings or ‘meanings’ which were influenced by the cultural, socio-political and musico-historical contexts in which they were created. The article calls for consideration of Dido’s surviving sources not as contaminated but from a rhetorical perspective extracting evidence to changing conventions of musical-rhetoric and its relationship to Affekt. Pages 371 to 402

Research Evolution and Hotspots of Older Adult Media Use: A Visualized Analysis Using CiteSpace

Shen Shuaizhi1*, Ahlam Binti Abdul Aziz2,1,2 Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University Technology MARA Shah Alam, Malaysia.1School of Media and Art Design, Guilin University of Aerospace Technology, China.*Corresponding Author: 1shenshuaizhi@gmail.com

Media use has a positive effect on improving the life satisfaction, wellbeing of the older adult and promoting their mental health. This study focuses on 3,126 pieces of research literature related to media use by older adults, which were retrieved from the SSCI database during 2010-2022. We use CiteSpace software to analyze the distribution of the main contributors, classic literature, and representative authors. Based on this analysis, the study further explores the evolution of research topics and hotspots. The results show that research on media use by the older adult is abundant, but lacking interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research. Classic literature has profound influence, and research objectives and significance are relatively consistent. Research topics and hotspots are concentrated, but they lag behind media practices development and application. Exploring interdisciplinary integration and cross-disciplinary research, innovative research ideas and methods, can ensure the vitality and innovation of research in the field of media use by the older adult. Pages 403 to 425

Virtuality, Psychotherapy and Psychoactive Substances as Tools for Emotional Well-being

Sandra Cuevas1, Reynaldo Thompson2, 1DIAC (Doctorado Interinstitucional en Arte y Cultura), 2UdG (Universidad de Guadalajara), Ugto (Universidad de Guanajuato) Guanajuato, México, 1sandra.cuevastorres@gmail.com, 2thompson@ugto.mx

In the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about the future increased, and resulted in the perception of a crisis scenario manifested in high levels of stress and emotional instability.  A determining factor in this context was the migration of activities to virtual platforms. It was possible to identify the scope and influence, on the one hand of virtuality itself, through this phenomenon, and on the other, the shape and scope of the art which created a route of escape from physical and material reality. What it created was a feasible form of transition to other realities, particularly on portals and devices to which art opens its doors. The new exposure also leads to what could be ways of approaching altered states of consciousness (or high consciousness) or frequencies which one may, as has been proven, also possibly access through meditation or types of music or through consumption of psychoactive substances. Therefore, it is possible to propose a paradigm shift in the responsible use of psychoactive substances by integrating that knowledge with programs of virtually enhanced psychotherapeutic engagement. These programs include guided meditation, music and psychedelic visuals, to name a few. Such tools positively stimulate a transition from the way of life of which we form a part to another one of controlled environments. This makes it possible for us to appropriate, explore or verify the benefits that have been conferred on these tools of the mind only in isolation. Pages 426 to 436

Research on Yixing Zisha teapot design innovation based on AIGC Technology

Pan Shimin1 2Rusmadiah Bin Anwar1Nor Nazida Binti Awang3 4He Yinuo1 2, 1National Design Centre, College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi Mara, 40450, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, 2Wuxi Vocational Institute of Arts & Technology,214206,Yixing,Jiangsu,China, 3College of Creative Arts, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak Branch, 32610, Seri Iskandar Campus Perak, Malaysia, 4GreenSafe(GreSAFE),Faculty of Architecture,Planning,& Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak Branch, 32610, Seri Iskandar Campus Perak, Malaysia

Yixing Zisha teapot carries a significant value as a collection of traditional Chinese ceramic art. However, evolving social and aesthetic perceptions are challenging conventional design methods, necessitating inventive design solutions.The digital and intelligent age has created numerous advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and computer graphics computing, which have unlocked fresh prospects in the design domain. AIGC (Artificial Intelligence and Graphics Computing) has emerged as a research area of interest in design, centred on the convergence of artificial intelligence and graphics computing. In this study, we utilise AIGC technology along with design theory and modern technological tools to investigate the innovative potential of Yixing Zisha design. Our study incorporates artificial intelligence, graphics computing, and idea generation for achieving innovation and customisation in Zisha design. As a result, we evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of this technique in the domain of Yixing Zisha teapot design. The objective of this research is to augment the design of Yixing Zisha teapots, introducing more imaginative options and propelling their development. The assessment of the AIGC technique's efficacy will steer subsequent research and practice, boosting innovation and progress in Yixing Zisha teapot design. Pages 437 to 454

Triad of Employee Performance: Leadership, Organizational Support, and Well-Being

Muk Kuang, Yuliana Anggraini, Derliwanti, Abdul Rohman, Management Department, BINUS Business School Master Program, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia, Email: muk.kuang@binus.ac.id; yuliana.anggraini@binus.ac.id; derliwanti@binus.ac.id; abdul.rohman@binus.ac.id

DOI: 10.53333/IJICC2013/17208

This research explores the critical determinants of employee performance in the post-pandemic retail sector, focusing on empowering leadership, perceived organizational support, and employee psychological well-being. The study presents a comprehensive framework that clarifies the interaction between these constructs and their impact on employee performance. The results, obtained from a quantitative analysis using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM), reveal that while empowering leadership does not directly impact employee performance, it significantly influences employee psychological well-being, thereby indirectly affecting employee performance. In addition, perceived organizational support not only indirectly influences employee performance through its positive effect on employee psychological well-being but also has a direct positive impact on employee performance. Thus, both empowering leadership and strong perceived organizational support, are found to enhance employee performance, with employee psychological well-being playing a significant mediating role in these relationships. These findings offer valuable insights for the retail sector to navigate the evolving challenges in a post-pandemic world, providing a solid theoretical framework and practical strategies to enhance employee performance. Pages 455 to 475

The Role of Stakeholders in Waste Handling Against the Development of Tourism on Bawean Island

Samwil1, Gatot Ciptadi2, Marjono³, Rosihan Asmara⁴, 1,2,3,4 Postgraduate Study of Environmental Science Doctoral Program, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia, Email : samwil@student.ub.ac.id 1

This study aims to analyze and find a regional waste management system through the role of stakeholders in waste management and tourism development on Bawean Island. Relevant stakeholders are important elements and have main responsibilities in waste management and tourism to ensure sustainable tourism development. This study uses qualitative research with a case study approach. The focus of this research is on the role of the Gresik district government in waste management and Bawean Island tourism, as well as other stakeholders such as non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, and the community. The data in this study were collected through observation and interviews, and then the data were analyzed descriptively and qualitatively. The results showed that there was a disintegration of the role of stakeholders in waste management on Bawean Island, which had an impact on tourism development. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a system in the form of circular integration of the roles of stakeholders in waste management on Bawean Island through this system, which makes it possible to form an optimal waste management framework that contributes directly to the development of Bawean Island tourism. Pages 476 to 488

The Impact of Work Motivation and Servant Leadership on Employee Performance of Banking Industry mediated by Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB)

John Andre Adrian1, Mohammad Mulia Rahman2, Abdul Rohman3, 1,2,3 Management Department, BINUS Business School-Master Program, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta Indonesia, 11480 Email:1john.adrian@binus.ac.id, 2mohammad.rahman@binus.ac.id, 3abdul.rohman@binus.ac.id

This study aims to analyze the effect of work motivation and servant leadership on employee performance mediated by OCB. All of the participants in this study are employee of one of the state-owned banks in Jakarta. This study involved 240 samples selected through purposive sampling. Data processing method using SEM PLS, and obtained the results that work motivation, servant leadership and OCB have a direct and positive effect on employee performance. Work motivation impact on OCB. OCB is also able to mediate the effect of work motivation and servant leadership on employee performance. Pages 489 to 510

Physis is Allah (SWT’s) Doctor in Every One of Us

Prof Rashid Bhikha, Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, Johannesburg, South Africa; rashidb@tibb.co.za

The genetic wisdom of Physis was recognised by traditional systems of medicine for more than a few thousand years and was also hypothesised by Hippocrates, the father of medicine as Vis Medicatrix Naturae.  Physis also highlights the perfection of creation in the maintenance and restoration of health between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of every individual, at a cellular/sub-cellular level, between all the organs and systems of the body, by constantly monitoring and adjusting the millions of biochemical and physiological pathways that are genetically designed.  Physis within the context of the Qur’an and Sunnah comes into effect from the moment the sperm and egg cells unite, whereas the soul is divinely brought into the foetus, only after approximately four months.  The paper elaborates on the secular, materialistic, and anti-religious values of the current Western system has resulted in Western medicine being unaffordable and ineffective, and also the training of Western doctors does not include the role of physis.  Of greater concern is prescribing, or taking Western medication, results not only harming ourselves, but also going against the blessing of Physis that Allah (SWT) has bestowed us with. Pages 511 to 514

Profitability Determinants and Its Implications on Company Value on Sharia Commercial Banks in Indonesia

Sugianto Sugiantoa, Ghulam Fathul Amrib, , Hari Priyadic, aLecturer at Sahid University, Jakarta, Indonesia, bSahid University Postgraduate Student, Jakarta, Indonesia, cResearch Center For Geospasial (PRG) National Reseach and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Email: asugi4nto@gmail.com, bghulamzuhri@gmail.com, hari.priyadi@brin.go.id

The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of economic growth (GDP), inflation, and the money supply (M2), both directly on firm value (PBV) and through profitability mediation (ROA) at Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia for the period 2018 to 2020 . The research method used is time series data regression and Sobel test, to determine the direct effect of independent variables including indirect effects through intervening variables. Secondary data is obtained from financial reports published by each Islamic commercial bank in 2018 to 2020, data from Bank Indonesia and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This study shows the results that directly economic growth (GDP) and inflation have no effect on profitability (ROA), while the money supply (M2) has a positive and significant effect on the profitability (ROA) variable of Islamic commercial banks. Inflation and money supply (M2) have no direct effect on firm value (PBV), while economic growth (GDP) has a negative effect on firm value (PBV) of Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia. Inflation has a positive effect on firm value (PBV) by mediating profitability (ROA), the money supply (M2) has a negative effect on firm value (PBV) by mediating profitability (ROA) variables, while economic growth (GDP) has no effect on firm value (PBV) by mediating the profitability (ROA) of Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia. Through this research, practitioners of Islamic commercial banks can consider their policies in dealing with external factors that are beyond the control of management, because in general, external factors will only affect the firm value (PBV) of Islamic commercial banks through profitability (ROA). Pages 515 to 538

Effects of Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) on Junior High School Students’ Achievement and Retention

Isaac Buabeng* and Abigail Vander Bosscher, Department of Basic Education, University of Cape Coast, *Corresponding author: ibuabeng@ucc.edu.gh

The goal of this study was to find out how computer-aided instruction affects basic school students' achievement and retention in integrated science in Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrim Municipality in Ghana. A non-randomized pretest-posttest group design was used in this investigation. The sample for the study consisted of 80 Junior High School (JHS) 2 students drawn from two schools. The experimental and control groups were assigned randomly to the two selected schools. The students were given a validated integrated science achievement test with a reliability value of 0.926. At a significance level of 0.05, Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was employed to test the two null hypotheses of the investigation. The findings revealed that JHS students who were taught with computer-aided instruction performed and remembered information better than those taught with conventional instruction. From the findings of the study, JHS teachers are encouraged to use computer-aided instruction to teach integrated science. Pages 538 to 552

Childhood and Literature

Benjamin Valdivia, University of Guanajuato

DOI: 10.53333/IJICC2013/17213

In this paper we analyze the diverse relationship between childhood, as a fundamental stage of human development, and literature, which presumably requires knowledge of language in a way that exceeds the original infants’ capacities. Yet, there is a sort of childhood inside the field of literary expression, Again, the moment when an author or artist begins, mostly in the adolescence, the artistic expression by means of words. Childhood exists as a theme in a variety of literary works. So, at the end we have a metaphoric unity of the origin of human life and the first steps in literature, both as topical in the writing process. Pages 553 to 560
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